What's the use of a wooden cigar box
30 July 04

The wooden cigar box has the functions of moisturizing, heat insulation and preventing the invasion of peculiar smell. In the closed state, its special wooden structure can achieve the effect of exchanging fresh air with the outside world, so as to prevent the mildew of cigars during storage. The special smell of the wood used in the cigar can promote the aging of the cigar and play the role of insect prevention.

Cigar raising is the process of aging and maturity of cigars. In this project, cigars will produce a lot of ammonia. If there is the smell of ammonia in containers of other materials, it will destroy the real flavor and the quality of cigars. In the closed state, the wooden cigar box can exchange fresh air with the outside world. The ammonia produced by the aging of the cigar can be excluded from the box, and the natural flavor of the cigar will not be damaged.

What's the use of a wooden cigar box?_Cigarol

Spanish cedar, also known as toon or cedar, is a kind of wood with loose material, good moisture and air permeability, and mellow smell. The cigar box made of cedar wood is the best companion of cigars. Give your cigar an excellent "abode". At present, new Baite has a large number of successful cases of tea packaging boxes, and has created many high-grade wooden cigar box designs. In addition, there are also customers who need to contact and consult. The professional design team will create high-grade and novel wooden cigar box for you!