How to maintain the wooden jewelry box
30 July 04

Wooden jewelry box reasonably assists girls to collect jewelry and jewelry of all kinds of materials and modeling design, prevents all kinds of clutter of dressing table, and also prevents the loss and damage of jewelry and jewelry. In conclusion, the emergence of wooden jewelry box not only maintains jewelry, but also saves indoor space for dressing table, and adds a beautiful piece of furniture Under the development trend of modern technology level, the wood jewelry box not only has a variety of material types, but also has a lot of functions It is more beautiful and generous in plastic arts, and becomes the household ornament necessary for girls' daily life. The wooden jewelry box must be maintained in the whole process of application. If it is not maintained, the wooden jewelry box is very easy to be destroyed and faded, which greatly reduces the level of the wooden jewelry box. How to maintain the wooden jewelry box?


In addition to the application of wooden jewelry boxes, don't forget to maintain them. Only when the wooden jewelry boxes are maintained can the service life be longer, and the appearance of plastic arts can be maintained for a longer time. Naturally, the actual maintenance of wooden jewelry boxes is aimed at. Nowadays, there are many kinds of different materials of wooden jewelry boxes, and the maintenance methods are different, It is necessary to integrate the characteristics of the material itself. The maintenance of wooden jewelry boxes of various materials is probably the same. Today's Web weaving is shared with everyone. More common maintenance methods of wooden jewelry boxes are used in daily life, so that everyone can have a reference way to maintain wooden jewelry boxes.

1. The wooden jewelry box must be stored in the area with indoor ventilation. It is very humid. The air is cold and humid. It is very easy to cause water vapor on the surface, which is harmful to the maintenance of jewelry. Therefore, the wooden jewelry box should be placed in the area with indoor ventilation.

2. If you wet the surface of the wooden jewelry box, you must immediately use force or cloth to remove the moisture from the surface, and dry it in a cool and dry area.

3. Do not let the wooden jewelry box be directly exposed to the sun immediately. As soon as the temperature increases, it is very easy to soften the jewelry of some materials, so it is necessary to prevent the direct sunlight.

4. It is not allowed to put together with organic chemicals such as acid and salt. One side of wooden jewelry box and jewelry are corroded.

5. The stains or other marks on the wooden jewelry box shall be evenly smeared on the surface of the stain with the grip cloth, but it is necessary to prevent the moisture from penetrating into the interior of the wooden jewelry box.

6. Storage can not be folded and pressed to prevent deformation and even destruction.

Summary: proper maintenance of the wooden jewelry box will not only increase the service life of the wooden jewelry box, but also largely maintain the jewelry. If the wooden jewelry box you use is lack of maintenance, not only the popularity of the wooden jewelry box itself will be greatly affected, but also the level of jewelry will be reduced, and the taste of girls will be greatly reduced.